Brand Philosophy


You do not have to make compromises.
Ferya Armor Case combines two characteristics: durability and beauty.
Ferya is a unique smartphone case, combining a great look with the
protection for your phone, even in the case of a 175 cm fall.

A phone case seems to be an ordinary, everyday use item. Ferya brand makes this seemingly ordinary item functional.
Ferya cases have a unique feature – they are a distinguishing mark of every woman. They combine unique Polish design with durability and reliable protection for smartphones.
Ferya Armor Case protects your phone even in the case of a 175cm fall*.
With graphics designed by the leading Polish artists, cases are unique and allow you to express your “true self”.

**Absorber175 – tested, after twenty-six 175cm falls of a new phone with the case no dents or scratches were found.